BackupVault to Provide Data Backup for UK Schools

BackupVault has already established itself as one of the leading providers of backup solutions in the United Kingdom. The Schools Information Management System (SIMS) databases used by schools across the UK contain a raft of valuable information, and BackupVault will now be involved in providing backup to these systems. BackupVault is powered by the highly respected Attix5 software, which is the only backup system approved by Capita; a company active in over 90% of school database systems in the UK.

BackupVault will be centrally involved in the process of backing up this hugely valuable and sensitive raft of information, and everyone involved with the company feels a great deal of pride in being able to make a contribution to the education of the nation.

According to current British legislation, all schools are required to store backups of all data off-site and in a secure fashion. This then opens the door for companies such as BackupVault to utilise their experience in providing encrypted data storage for schools.

BackupVault will be utilising its proprietary Backup for Schools system in this process. This system enables files to be restored in as little as four mouse clicks, and files are also compressed, which allows lightning fast restorations of multiple file versions from storage servers. All BackupVault data protection solutions ensure enterprise-grade reliability at a fraction of the cost of traditional backup.

Naturally the data involved in the schools project is extremely sensitive, and it is therefore reassuring for parents across the country that a company with over a decade’s experience in dealing with important data can perform this task easily. All databases and files involved in the SIMS system will be encrypted before being sent off-site to BackupVault’s two secure UK-based datacentres.

The sophisticated system which BackupVault operates also enables backups of data to be captured several times every day. All encrypted files from the SIMS systems will be immediately replicated to a secondary UK datacenter for redundancy and to ensure maximum security.

BackupVault is already one of the strongest performers in data backup in the SME marketplace, but this new project will greatly enhance the reputation and scope of the company. Everyone involved with BackupVault is delighted that their hard work has paid off, and is looking forward to providing an outstanding service to schools in all four corners of the UK.