Cloud Backup Pricing

Whether you’re a small business, large enterprise or public sector organisation, we understand that IT budgets are often under pressure. It’s important to find cost effective solutions, that don’t mean compromising on security or performance.

With BackupVault, monthly costs are charged based on how much uncompressed data you wish to protect; and the number of PC’s and servers the backup software is installed on. But ultimately, you only pay for what you use.

Top tip! Other providers may provide pricing plans based on the volume of compressed data on their servers. If you’re shopping around, we advise that you investigate this. Once a provider has signed you up they have no incentive to ensure their software is efficient and de-duplicates your data. After a few months, you may find the storage you thought you paid for exceeds the agreed capacity very quickly.

Our cloud online backup prices start at just £20 per month and our backup accounts range from one gigabyte to many terabytes in size.

Because we want to give you an accurate indication of cost, we do not publish our online backup prices. Every backup solution is different for each client.

Instead we request that you complete the enquiry form for a quote tailored to your organisation. One of the team will get back to you within 2 hours.

We also offer no obligation 30 day trials on all backup accounts.

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