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Google Workspace Backup

Backing up your Google Workspace (previously G Suite) is your responsibility. We’ve made things easy for you. Protect your Gmail, Calendar, Contacts & Drive in as little as 5 minutes with our simple-to-use backup interface.


Google Doesn’t
Backup Your Data. We Do.

G Suite (aka Google Workspace) is a great productivity tool for business users, but it can’t do everything. While Google do look after cloud infrastructure reliability, they don’t backup your data. That’s YOUR responsibility. And reliable as it is, the ‘cloud’ is based in physical datacentres, meaning they’re not immune to service outages or data loss.

Why You Need To
Backup Your Workspace Data

Accidental Deletion

Accidental Deletion

Google’s Bin and version history only provide basic protection. Also, if a user account is deleted and not restored in time, it is purged from the Workspace servers and all data is lost.

Retention Policy

Retention Policy

Google saves on server space by restricting its retention policy for a limited time and set of scenarios. When deleted data falls outside the retention period, it’s lost permanently.

Malicious Employees

Malicious Employees

It happens! Rouge employees can delete incriminating data from G Suite servers without your immediate knowledge. If you notice too late, recovery of data is impossible.



Dangerous malware evolutions like ‘ransomcloud’ can encrypt your data in the cloud and hold it to ransom. Even if you pay, cybercriminals still may not release it. Why risk it?

Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance

Storing data for long periods is a legal obligation in many industries. If you cannot provide historical data, e.g. if it’s requested by law, you could face litigation for non-compliance.

Avoid Dependency

Avoid Dependency

Never store your data with a single cloud vendor, no matter how big they are. Even Google is vulnerable to outages, so always have at least two other sources of secure backup.

What we can protect within Google Workspace

Complete protection for you Google Workspace data.

How BackupVault Workspace Backup Works
Google Workspace Backup
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How BackupVault
Workspace Backup Works

  • Protected in minutes
    Our solution is cloud-to-cloud, meaning no software needs to be installed. Simply log in securely to the web console with your Workspace credentials and you’re ready to go.
  • Automatic & secure
    Run backup once or multiple times a day, only backing up new/changed files. Your data is then 256bit AES encrypted and securely transferred to our UK data centre.
  • Easy to use & cost effective
    Data and emails are easily recovered in just a few clicks. Granular recovery of individual files back into Google Drive is simple too.
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Ransomware protection built in

Our automatic ransomware detection is baked into BackupVault. We check for suspicious files in Gmail, Gmail attachments, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Sites before they can get to your data.

backupvault support chat

Support for
your business
24 hours a day

BackupVault is committed to delivering exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team is available to assist you every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting. We proactively monitor your backups to ensure their success and provide timely assistance should any issues arise.

There are no live queues for our 24hr support services.
It’s simple to talk to us via phone, email or livechat.

Why Choose BackupVault for
Google Workspace Backup?

At BackupVault, we understand the importance of safeguarding your valuable business data in the Google Workspace environment. Our comprehensive backup solutions are designed to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring the protection and recoverability of your critical files, emails, contacts, and more. As a trusted provider of Google Workspace backup services, we offer a range of advanced features and benefits.

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Reliable Backup
Solutions for Google

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to manage and restore your data whenever needed.

  • UK datacentres
  • Simple search
  • 256bit encryption
  • Recover in seconds
  • ISO Certified
  • Maintain compliance
  • Up to 4x per day backups
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit trails
  • Unlimited retention

Key Features:

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Ransomware Detection

Proactively identify ransomware events with detailed reports, enabling fast and secure restores without disrupting productivity.

restore icon

Granular Restore

On-demand granular recovery efficiently handles conflicts to ensure retrieval of the most authoritative copy.

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Out-of-Place Restore

Effortlessly restore content to another cloud site, mailbox, or folder, simplifying data management as your organisation evolves.

data-storage icon

Offline Restore

Restore .ZIP and PST files to local storage for uninterrupted access at any time. Export MyDrive, Shared Drives and Shared With Me Drives.

keylock icon

Security Rollback

Easily perform complete security rollbacks to reverse Google Workspace permissions changes.

restore icon

Object-Based Restore

Swiftly locate Google Workspace files, emails, or other objects using a full-text search for rapid discovery and recovery.

clock icon

Point-in-Time Restore

Recover content to a specific point in time through a straightforward calendar-based interface.

user icon

End-User Restore

Our Chat Bot (AVA) empowers users to initiate restores directly from Google Workspace, emphasising security throughout the process.

restore icon

Delegated Restore

Delegate restores to trusted users based on roles with security trim by AD properties like location, department,
or role.

With our Office 365 backup solution, rest assured that your data remains safeguarded, easily restorable, and constantly accessible. Embrace peace of mind in the ever-changing digital landscape with our robust security and adaptable restoration capabilities.

Comprehensive Backup Solutions

Ensuring GDPR, CCPA, Governance, and Compliance: Explore BackupVault’s Comprehensive Backup Solutions

Data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and governance requirements are of utmost importance in today’s digital landscape. At BackupVault, we understand the significance of safeguarding your organisation’s sensitive information while meeting these stringent compliance standards. Our comprehensive backup service prioritises your regulatory needs, ensuring secure and accessible data, along with the flexibility to manage data sovereignty effectively.

Key Features:

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Compliance-Driven Backup

Ensure GDPR, CCPA, and governance compliance with encrypted data protection. BYOS is supported for seamless data sovereignty management.

dashboard illustration

Privacy Dashboard

Simplify data searches across mail, calendars, and folders for Right to Be Forgotten and Data Subject Access Requests compliance, regardless of data location.

accidental deletion icon

Right to Be Forgotten

Easily remove user data from backups through intuitive searches across mailboxes, folders and drives.

gear icon

DSAR Processing

Comply with EU GDPR Article 15 by exporting the latest user information from OneDrive or Mailbox.

setting icon

Admin Auditing

Track restore operations and administrative activity for enhanced accountability.

folder icon

Defensible Deletion

Record data purge consent and create evidence trails for content deletion accountability.

folder icon with a key

Data Security with Delegated Administration

Control access for backups and restores with role-based security trimming.

search-data icon

Status Monitoring

Generate comprehensive reports on Google Workspace protection status across various components.

bin icon

Granular Content Deletion

Securely search and delete Google Workspace backups organisation-wide with role-based access controls.

folder icon

Backup Data Sovereignty

Maintain data sovereignty with multi-geo support and flexible storage options, including built-in Azure or BYOS.

At BackupVault, we are committed to providing you with the tools and support needed to ensure GDPR, CCPA, governance, and compliance, making data protection a seamless and worry-free aspect of your business operations. Partner with us today and experience peace of mind knowing your data is in safe hands.

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March 11, 2021

What Our Clients Say

“Our data is critical, and with BackupVault I have peace of mind knowing that in the event of a catastrophe my data is safe, secure and easily retrievable. Back-ups are stored online on UK based Servers and both the backup and restore procedures and fast and easy to use. The level of help and services is also second to none. Whenever I have had any queries, the response has been very fast, helpful and productive.”

profile photo of Steve Bradshaw
Steve Bradshaw
IT Manager Eunisure Ltd

“BackupVault have been excellent at meeting our needs of providing a backup service that complies with our Law Society Professional Rules. Many of the service providers will not tell you where the data is held and for our line of business, it has to be kept in the UK. They were very efficient at installing the backup and did regular checks on the system to ensure that backups continued successfully.”

Heather Shaw
Shaw’s Law Ltd

“The difficulty with any backup system is that you only know if it works when you REALLY need it to work. We had only been using BackupVault a few months when, due to a hard disk failure on our live network, we needed to access a backup of a small file. The BackupVault system worked perfectly for us, and we recovered the file with no stress in just a few minutes.”

profile photo of Steve Goacher
Steve Goacher
Harbour Systems Ltd

“Being secure in the knowledge that all our data is backed up daily off site is a huge comfort to us and as has been recently shown works superbly when our system crashed in the office and you were able to restore all our information remotely and we were back up and running in no time at all. Your swift and efficient response time enabled us to continue working without any loss of service to our clients – who could ask for more.”

profile photo of Jacqui Katz
Jacqui Katz
Fresh Property Management Ltd

“As Accountants secure back up of sensitive client data is essential. BackupVault fulfils all our requirements with the highest levels of encryption. Their service is fantastic with fast efficient support. We have tried other companies before but BackupVault is the best both for service and value for money. A great UK based company.”

Ian Hobson
Magic Eye Consulting

“We have found BackupVault to be reliable, trouble-free and simple to use. We can relax, knowing our clients’ data is secure from loss.”

Charles Sermanni
IT Scotland

“Nice to have trust in backup software that is easily installed and has never failed with great, fast and friendly, technical support – an ideal solution.”

Nathan Plackett
Yokohama HPT Ltd

Common Workspace
Backup Questions

No. Google does not backup Google Workspace data. Backing up your Google Workspace is your responsibility.

Yes. The backup process is completely invisible and non-disruptive while running.

Yes of course! Request a free 30 day trial today.

Yes, you can set up a daily or weekly backup report to be sent directly to your inbox.

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