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Strengthen Your Cyber Security System With Huntress

Huntress security platform offers cutting-edge Endpoint Detection and Response and Security Awareness Training, ensuring the most comprehensive line of defence for your important data.



Protecting SMEs Against Hidden Threats & Stopping Hackers in Their Tracks

Huntress is a sophisticated security platform making in-depth cyber security available to businesses of all sizes. Huntress EDR works seamlessly alongside leading antivirus software and provides another layer of protection against hackers and viruses. Their Security Awareness Training program empowers your employees by giving them the knowledge and training they need to prevent, recognise, and respond to cyber attacks.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Security is an ongoing process. Receive constant and consistent monitoring to ensure the ultimate protection against ransomware and attacks.

Huntress Educating Employees

Educating Employees

Support your employees in their role in keeping your company’s valuable data safe with SAT programs for teams of all sizes and abilities.


Stay Ahead
of Attack

In an ever-changing cyber security landscape, make sure you’re always one step ahead of hackers with innovative defence and detection solutions.


Intuitive Dashboard

Enjoy a simple-to-use interface and reporting engine designed specifically to augment SMEs.

Proactively fight off hackers with Huntress

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