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Safeguarding Your Business Against Ransomware with Cloud Backup

May 23, 2023
a desperate man - victim of the ransomware

There are a lot of overheads involved in running any business.

And while you might be looking for ways to save money in certain areas of your business, skipping out on data backups is not a wise choice.

Your data is your most valuable asset. Failing to protect your data leaves it vulnerable to threats such as ransomware attackers, accidental loss, and theft.

And with nearly 70% of small businesses failing within 12 months of suffering significant data loss, insufficient data storage capacity and backups are likely to cost your business so much more in the long run than the investment of a reliable data backup solution.

What is ransomware, and how can it affect your business?

There are two types of ransomware out there.

1. Crypto ransomware

This encrypts your personal information or other important data and forces you to pay to get it back. If you pay, you receive a key that unlocks your data and allows you to access it again.

2. Extortion ransomware

This encrypts your data too but the main purpose of this type of ransomware is to get a ransom payment out of you.

If you don’t pay their ransom they release your data to the public. If infected, your business can suffer a loss of sensitive data, an inability to operate without access to vital systems that have been frozen, and crippling financial loss.

As we consistently move towards a more digitised world, we have unfortunately seen an increase in sophisticated ransomware attacks that come at a high price.

In the UK, we have seen massive national organisations, from the NHS to the Royal Mail, experience targeted attacks that have cost the country hundreds of millions.

For SMEs, ransom demands cost ransomware victims £130,000 on average.

As if extreme financial loss wasn’t bad enough, when you pay the ransom, it can harm your business even further:

  • Legitimises their crime: Paying criminals only proves to them their system works and encourages them to continue targeting future attacks
  • Increased risk: If you pay out, it increases the likelihood that you’ll be targeted again
  • No guarantee: As they operate outside the law, they’re not guaranteed to return your data back
  • Destroyed data: The data they do return might be permanently damaged or corrupted plus if you have cyber insurance it will cost a fortune when you ned to get a renewal

Why you should protect your data with cloud backups

Your data is the core of your business.

That’s why it’s essential that you do everything in your power to protect your critical data against ransomware attacks by backing up your data and operating systems.

The best way to do so is by investing in a robust, professional data backup software provider that offers specific protection against malware and viruses.

While it may be considered just another expense, cloud backup is, in fact, an extremely worthwhile long-term investment in the future of your business.

Let’s explore some of the many ways enlisting a backup software provider will benefit your business and protect your vital data against malicious attacks and ransomware.

1. Support from the experts

Investing in a cloud backup solution gives you access to a team of uniquely skilled and trained professionals. They can provide invaluable guidance and support in emergencies and help you navigate the optimal way to protect your business against ransomware attacks.

2. Less stress and more time

Ensuring your backup is being taken care of by reliable professionals allows you to feel at ease about the security of your data. This peace of mind and trust in your provider gives you the time and space to focus on your expertise and continue working towards growing your business.

3. Access to multiple backup vendors

Relying on only one source for cloud backups is not enough to fully protect your data from ransomware and other threats. At BackupVault, we are not tied into one vendor and we don’t do “one size fits all”. We have access to multiple backup vendors and recommend the one that suits the customer best.

4. Fully automatic backups

Instead of scrambling to backup your data after it’s too late, allow the professionals to ensure your data receives a regular, scheduled daily backup that best suits your requirements.

5. Minimise the risks and costs of downtime

In the case of an attack, your business can suffer a catastrophic lapse in productivity due to an inability to access your data and focusing all resources on recovery attempts. A reliable backup storage solution minimises the impacts of data loss, saving you time and money.

6. Rapidly restore data with ease

If you lose data to ransomware or any other threat, having a full backup with a robust backup solution, such as BackupVault, allows you to regain access to your data in just a few clicks. What would otherwise be a lengthy and stressful process which may not even result in success becomes simple, painless, and always gets results.

7. Detect ransomware before it’s an issue

Active malware detection can identify and report ransomware before it ever has a chance to attack your data. Using advanced machine learning, malware is isolated and you are notified preventing cyber criminals from accessing your critical data in the first place.

An effective data backup solution is essential to protect your cloud against ransomware

If you or a team member is concerned about the expense of cloud backup storage solutions, it’s important to understand that it’s so much more than just another cost; it’s a smart, effective investment.

Especially now, with the presence of such advanced ransomware, it’s never been more crucial to protect your data storage cloud against disasters and permanent data loss.

Join BackupVault for the most powerful cloud backup vendors in data protection

At BackupVault, the cloud backup vendors we use can’t be infected by ransomware. The service is configured to make it impossible for outside sources to interfere with the backups once they are successfully saved.

If your server is infected with ransomware, you don’t have to pay a penny in ransom to cyber criminals.

We can restore your systems in a flash to their uninfected state, including instantly accessing your data and configuration files so you don’t have to give hackers what they want and can stop them in their tracks.

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