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Top 10 Mistakes Agencies Make With Data Backups And How To Avoid Them

August 7, 2023

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Data is like the backbone of any agency, facilitating smooth business operations and safeguarding sensitive information.

However, many agencies often overlook the importance of having a solid data backup plan in place. This can lead to significant problems like data loss, security breaches, and disruptions that can bring business operations to a halt.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top ten mistakes that agencies make with their data backups. By learning from these mistakes, you can take the right steps toward protecting your agency’s sensitive information and ensure long-term success.

1. Infrequent backups

Forgetting to backup data regularly is a pitfall for many agencies. This oversight can result in the loss of valuable information if something goes wrong or if files get accidentally deleted.

Regularly backing up your data ensures the most recent and accurate version is saved somewhere safe.

2. Not testing backups

Not testing backups regularly can give a false feeling of safety. Regular backup tests ensure you can recover data correctly and quickly when there’s an important problem.

3. Not prioritising important data

Treating all data the same during backup procedures can result in the accidental neglect of critical information. Proper classification and prioritisation of data ensure that essential datasets receive heightened protection.

4. Inadequate storage space

If you don’t realise how much data you need to back up, you might end up with incomplete backups and lose important information. It’s essential to plan for enough storage space to handle all your data as it grows.

5. No disaster recovery plan

The absence of a well-defined disaster recovery plan leaves your agency unprepared to address data loss incidents or operational disruptions.

A comprehensive and regularly updated disaster recovery strategy is indispensable for timely and effective recovery.

6. Lack of security

Failure to employ encryption for backup data jeopardises data confidentiality, especially in scenarios involving data transfer or storage on external media.

Encryption protocols should be integral to the agency’s data backup strategy. It’s also a good idea to provide security awareness training to employees and implement multi-factor authentication.

7. Storing backups in the same location

Keeping your backup data too close to the original files can be risky. If something bad happens, like a physical disaster or a security breach, you could lose the original data and the backups. To be safe, store your backups in different and secure places far away from the original files.

8. Overlooking data versioning

Not having multiple versions of backed-up data can make recovering from accidental changes or data corruption challenging.

Enable data versioning to keep historical versions of files, allowing for easy recovery to a specific point in time.

9. Failure to monitor the backup process

Failing to monitor backup operations regularly can lead to unnoticed failures or backup issues.

This can be avoided by implementing monitoring tools and practices to ensure backups run smoothly and any problems are dealt with swiftly

10. Using manual backups instead of automatic backups

Manual backup processes can lead to errors due to human oversight, resulting in incomplete or outdated backups. Additionally, it can be time-consuming, impeding operational efficiency and potentially delaying critical data protection tasks.

On the other hand, automated backup procedures streamline operations, ensuring data is backed up regularly and reliably while minimising the risk of human-induced mistakes.

Overall, safeguarding data through a robust backup strategy is paramount for any agency’s smooth functioning and protecting sensitive information.

By being aware of the ten common mistakes agencies make with data backup, you can use practical solutions to avoid them.

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