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GDPR Summary

The original General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) came into force on 25th May 2018. Since the UK exited the EU in January 2020, it retained the same strict data protection laws under GDPR (EU), creating what’s known as GDPR (UK).

If you’re still not sure whether you’re properly prepared for backup GDPR compliance, we can help.

What is GDPR (UK)?

GDPR (UK) is a carbon copy of the EU GDPR that overhauled data management to give consumers greater privacy and protection. GDPR compliance applies to organisations in the UK (and EU) that collect, store or share consumer data. It also applies to any business or organisation in the world outside of the US that collects personal data from UK or EU residents. 

In short, GDPR backup and GDPR disaster-recovery is a legal requirement, meaning non-compliance is subject to significant fines from UK regulators.

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...of backup providers are based in the U.S. where GDPR isn't front of mind

GDPR and the Cloud

GDPR (UK) encompasses protection of personal data stored and/or shared using cloud services. Many businesses and organisations often have a limited understanding of the cloud storage they’re using, making cloud data compliance an issue that risks prosecution and fines.

GDPR and Backup Data

However you currently backup data, whether by cloud, tape or disk-based methods – or both – it’s vital that you’re GDPR compliant (even now many businesses aren’t). You must allow consumers to access, correct or request deletion of their personal data, meaning you need to ensure backups are fit for purpose. Also bear in mind that older backup techniques, such as disk or tape, will make swift access, alteration and deletion under the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule far trickier to achieve.

GDPR Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery capabilities are a key aspect of the security and accessibility of any business’ IT systems, and apply directly to the storage and processing of personal data. Under GDPR, businesses outside the US that collect, store and process personal data from UK/EU consumers – and any EU business that collects, stores or shares such data – must be able to recover that data quickly and intact so as not to risk the confidentiality and integrity of consumers’ information.

The Perfect Fit for Backup GDPR Compliance

BackupVault is one of the only data backup companies in the UK that is able to guarantee your data backups are fully GDPR (UK) compliant and secure.

With around 90% of backup providers based in the US, where GDPR isn’t front of mind, it pays to talk to a UK/EU-savvy provider. BackupVault is UK-based, with UK datacentres, and we fully encrypt all consumer data we manage on clients’ behalf.

To find out more, and to discuss how BackupVault can ensure you’re fully compliant with GDPR, get in touch.

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