InstantData: On Demand Data Streaming

BackupVault InstantData enables SME’s to combine their cloud based backup solution with a robust Disaster Recovery feature.

With traditional backup and restore methods you typicaly have to wait to restore a large file such as a database. With BackupVault InstantData you can start using the file immediately and the innovative technology will “rebuild” the file as and when users access certain parts.

Key Benefits

Rapid Recovery Time
Your RTO is reduced to a matter of minutes, rather than hours to restore data and have it available.
Seemless User Experience
During a restore, end users can have access to their data instantly, even during a restore.
Recover Entire Servers
InstantData allows you to recovery the image of an entire server (virtual or physical) with ease.

BackupVault InstantData has three operating modes:

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Full System Recovery

FSR enables you to backup an entire server automatically to the BackupVault platform. It doesn’t matter if the server is physical or virtual. Administrators can choose to restore as a complete Hyper-V or VMware image and even share the restore link with other colleagues to boot up the server in a different location.

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Permanent File Recovery

In the event of a disaster a typical restore can take a while. However, in this mode, InstantData gives you access to your files immediately. The technology automatically rebuilds blocks of data whilst you are accessing the file, giving the impression of a complete recovery, whilst the remaining data is recovering in the background.

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Temporary File Access

You can access your backups on a mounted virtual drive which can be created on any PC. Simply use Windows Explorer to navigate to your desired backup date, then access your files. You can either copy the files to a different location or double click to open the file.

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