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Data Backup for Multi-Academy Trusts

Automatic cloud backup and critical data protection for schools

Take the stress out of keeping all of your student and staff data protected. Including support for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, SIMS, Dynamics 365, physical and virtual servers. Tailored solutions for Multi-Academy Trusts.

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Protecting business-critical data
for organisations across the UK

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“Excellent support and peace
of mind for our school data.”

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Ransomware is actively targeting schools and universities in the UK

For academic institutions, safeguarding sensitive data is your responsibility and is legally mandated by GDPR. Offline, immutable backups are also a pre-requisite for The Risk Protection Agreement ratified by The DFE.

If you are using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, your data is NOT backed up. Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 only have a 30-day trash folder.

We’ve made protecting your data simple with various backup solutions that are immutable and cannot be infected with ransomware. We also adhere to the latest Ofsted, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and government guidelines.

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Automatic cloud backup for schools

Automatic data backups offer schools a seamless and reliable solution for securing their valuable information. Schools can ensure continuous protection of critical data, from student records to administrative documents.

  • Cloud Based Off-Site Storage
  • The only approved Capita SIMS solution
  • SFVS and DfE Compliant
  • Completely Secure & UK Based
  • UK Based, 24/7 Support
  • ISO 27001 and 9001 certified

Keep data safe and restore in seconds

With backups scheduled automatically, educational institutions gain the ability to ensure the continuous preservation of data without the need for manual intervention.

  • Data backed up daily off-site
  • Restore files in a matter of seconds
  • Tailored solutions for Multi-Academy Trusts
Create a secure digital environment where both student and staff data is protected.

Protected against ransomware, hackers, and human errors

Create a secure digital environment where both student and staff data is protected.

  • Automatic data protection
  • Compliance to the latest Ofsted, NCSC and government guidelines
  • Protection against human error
  • Flexible pricing options for educational institutions
  • 20+ years of experience in backing up school and college data
Support for your business 24 hours a day

Support for your schools 24 hours a day

BackupVault is committed to delivering exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team is available to assist you every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting. We proactively monitor your backups to ensure their success and provide timely assistance should any issues arise.

There are no live queues for our 24hr support services.
It’s simple to talk to us via phone, email or livechat.

“UK based backup for GDPR is a must and to know that our data, especially SIMS and financial data is safe and secure is essential.”

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Why choose BackupVault to secure your education data?

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GDPR and DfE compliant
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Tailored solutions for Multi-Academy Trusts
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Completely Secure & UK Based

Common School
Backup Questions

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace is charged per active user. For the education sector we offer special rates and only charge per staff member. Pupils are backed up free of charge.

Yes, our backups are immutable by design. This means that ransomare cannot affect our backups that are successfully completed.

We have many years experience with MATs and offer tailored solutions. Our backup software works very well in a distributed environment and you always have access to our centralised management and reports showing the exact status of each device, wherever it may be located.

No. We only used “cloud first” vendors and no onsite hardware is needed. You can if required send backups to an onsite network share, but this is not necessary.

Yes, we support the backup and restore of Google Classroom.

Yes, we have supported the backup of SIMS, FMS and DMS databases for over 20 years.

Yes, we are compliant with all cyber insurance company policies.

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