Online backup vs Tape Backup

Many organisations continue to use tape backup as a method of protecting their critical business data. But how does this compare to online backup? We have listed some handy comparisons for you below:

Whilst the software used by tape backup is automatic, the physical loading/unloading of tapes is not. Over the course of a year, this can take up considerable (and expensive) man-hours. By comparison, online backup is completely automatic – the entire process is managed by the client software and storage platform.

Data is typically stored on tape in an unencrypted format. If these tapes are ever moved offsite (which they should be for offsite protection) there will be a security risk. BackupVault Online Backup is encrypted using a key known only to you even before it leaves your computer/server. It is fully encrypted whilst being transmitted over the Internet and remains encrypted on our servers.

Offsite Backups
Tape backups require them to be physically moved to an offsite location – preferably every day. This obviously takes time and the location is rarely secure. Online Backup is by its very nature “offsite” and therefore you data is protected from any number of physical threats

Level of capital expenditure
There is a high initial cost to tape backup solutions. All the hardware needs to be purchased along with associated tapes and cleaning media. Staff training costs are also very high. There are also a number of hidden costs such as weekly testing of the backup and replacement of hardware. With Online Backup you simply pay for what you use on a monthly basis.

Should your data requirements increase you may be forced to purchase additional hardware and software. BackupVault Online Backup grows with you from a few Gb to many terabytes of data.

Ease of restoration
To find even a single file from a tape backup typically takes many hours and sometimes days. With online backup this restoration time can be minutes. Even with a complete disaster data can be restored in a few mouse clicks.

Future proof
We continue to invest in our storage and infrastructure to provide you with the very best in data protection. As tape backup methods evolve you may be left with obsolete hardware and software in a short period of time.

There are many other critical issues associated with Tape Backup. The fact is that tape backup is prone to human and hardware error. All it takes is one tape to be labeled incorrectly and a whole backup can be compromised.

For a simple monthly fee, BackupVault can eliminate all these issues connected with your backup and leave you with a comprehensive, secure and offsite backup solution. For a free, no obligation online backup trial contact BackupVault today on 020 3102 0040.