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BackupVault Supports the CentOS Linux Project

December 3, 2014

The Community Enterprise Operating System, more commonly referred to as CentOS, is a Linux distribution which aims to provide a free, enterprise-class, community-supported computing platform compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The CentOS project has been around for about a decade by now, and has been developing throughout the 10 years of its existence.

centos logo

Such enterprises as CentOS have become extremely popular in a world in which Windows is the dominant PC operating system. CentOS offers a free platform to PC users, and this has been something that more and more people are taking advantage of in the current Windows climate. Windows 8 was critically savaged, and unsuccessful with both businesses and consumers. This has led to a growing popularity in Linux-based systems, which were already considered by many to be an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous Microsoft developed operating system.

There are two particular boons to the CentOS system in today’s computing environment. Firstly, CentOS is completely free, yet enterprise-class in quality. Secondly, this popular operating system is particularly compatible with cloud computing and web hosting environments, where it is primarily utilised.

Recently, BackupVault have decided to donate a server to the CentOS Project. BackupVault have highly rated the CentOS setup for quite some time, and indeed utilise it for a significant number of the company’s backend and development servers.

The server donated by BackupVault is based in one of the company’s secure datacentres, and features an ultra-fast 1Gbit Internet connection. CentOS are currently actively seeking servers based in the United Kingdom in order to distribute their load worldwide, with a particular focus on the European mainland.

When signing up for the CentOS service and making their initial download, British users of the operating system will be handed a faster download when using a UK server as opposed to one based in United States. Thus, by contributing a server, and a particularly fast one, to the CentOS project, BackupVault is ensuring that customers of the Linux-based operating system are getting the best performance possible from the software.

The first CentOS release came way back in May 2004, numbered as CentOS version 2. Since then the program has developed considerably, and is currently on version 7.0. In a world in which businesses are increasingly looking for speedy cloud servers, the CentOS package is an ideal solution and BackupVault is delighted to be contributing to its success.