Ransomware Protection

Immutable Cloud Backup: Your best last defence.

The state of ransomware

If you get infected, the average cost of downtime is currently over £4,300 per minute. Since ransomware infects every system in your network – including onsite backup – downtime can last for days, weeks, even months. Need to pay a ransom? Well, from 2020 to 2021 ransomware demands soared by 518% – making the average payout over £380k. Even then, only 65% of your encrypted data (on average) is likely to be restored to you.

How do you avoid worst of it? Simple: Immutable Cloud Backup.

No hardware investment, low cost, active malware detection and removal as standard, and a fully restorable system with a few clicks.

Ransomware is only successful because people pay up. Break the cycle – act now to never pay a penny.

Benefits of our Immutable Cloud Backup

Powerful protection against the most devastating digital pandemic of the modern age.

Protect Entire Servers
Entire servers including the operating system can be protected, not just files/folders. During a ransomware attack, simply restore the entire server to a previous point in time.
Immutable Backups

Point-in-time recovery (PITR) of critical data makes your backups impossible for ransomware to infect or delete while encrypted on our servers.

Rapid Recovery
Utilise the InstantData feature to instantly access your data, even before a restore has completed. Dramatically lower your recovery time to get your business running again.
Active Malware Detection

Powered by advanced machine learning, BackupVault pro-actively detects, isolates and deletes malware from your backups, giving you an additional layer of protection.

How BackupVault protects your data from Ransomware

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All your data, backed up daily

Backups can run once or multiple times a day. Files, folders, databases or entire servers (physical and virtual, incl. the operating system) can be protected.

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Ransomware-proof backup

Unlike other common backup solutions, BackupVault takes a point-in-time backup. This immutable backup point cannot become infected by ransomware.

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Never pay a ransom demand

If your server is infected with ransomware, BackupVault can easily restore your systems to a previous uninfected version (incl. instant data access) without paying a penny in ransom.

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Ransomware Protection FAQ

No single solution is guaranteed to prevent a ransomware attack. Backup itself is only a means of protecting your data that’s backed up in our datacentres, it can’t prevent an initial ransomware infection on your network.

It can, however, prevent you from ever needing to pay criminals to get your data back.

Strong, multi-layered security (e.g. firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.) is essential to the prevention of a ransomware attack. A strategy is important here, so we recommend reaching out to a dedicated consultant / company who specialises in IT security.

This is important, because similar to a biological virus’s ability to mutate, ransomware is actively ‘mutated’ by cyber criminals to avoid new detection methods and bypass improved defences. Without a consistently monitored strategy, tactics that once worked may suddenly fail.

Most ransomware attacks are triggered by human action, like an employee opening an attachment or clicking a link inside a malicious email. While firewalls and strict email spam policies can block most of these, technology is fallible, so can only take you so far – training employees to recognise suspicious emails will greatly reduce the chances of falling prey to attack.

Criminals will also resort to hacking into networks to plant ransomware, though they know that human fallibility and ignorance is more reliable (and less effort) than actively breaking into a business’s IT systems.

It depends on the sophistication of the ransomware attack – there are many different ‘strains’ and each one varies in its ability to penetrate your network.

• If you suffer a ‘simple’ infection, where a localised machine or small set of systems are affected, you should be able to just restore the files / folders on each one to a previous backup point.
• For the most sophisticated attacks, where the infection successfully locks down your entire network and servers, a full server restore will be required.

If you aren’t confident on how to respond in the event of an attack, please contact our technical support team by phone and we’ll advise you on the right course of action. We’re available 24/7 by phone in emergencies, so don’t hesitate to call.

Our backups can’t be infected because all data held on our servers is immutable, meaning it’s designed to be impossible for external interference to alter the integrity of the backup.

We also protect your data with point-in-time backups and 256bit AES end-to-end encryption; your data is protected by powerful 256bit encryption and only you know the key.

There are several reasons:

  1. By paying criminals to have your data decrypted and returned to you only serves to validate their criminality. The more businesses agree to pay up, the more emboldened they are to keep doing it.
  2. As soon as you DO pay, you are far more likely to be targeted again – so far as they are concerned, if you’ve paid once, you’re more likely to pay again.
  3. These are not legitimate businesses and – clearly – they operate outside the law. That means when you pay up, they aren’t obliged to give your data back. There are plenty of horror stories online to prove it.
  4. Even if a ransomware outfit does release your data, the average portion of data they decrypt is around 65%, leaving the remaining 35% untouchable.
  5. The decryption process isn’t fool-proof and what you do get back might be damaged or corrupted.

What Our Clients Say

Nathan Plackett
Yokohama HPT Ltd
“Nice to have trust in backup software that is easily installed and has never failed with great, fast and friendly, technical support – an ideal solution. ”
Lucy Found
Evolution Recruitment Ltd
“We can wholeheartedly recommend BackupVault’s service for their straightforward, efficient and cost effective service. Not only have they arranged and administrated a nightly offsite back up to their UK servers, they also helped us organise our data in the first place to streamline the process. We are very confident that our data is being backed up, stored and will be restored as and when required. ”
Christopher Faulker
Opro Group Ltd
“We were looking for a backup solution to meet our company requirements and with BackupVault all our pre-requisites were checked. From the very first day their excellent 24hr UK based technical support helped implement the solution and get us up and running instantly. For us having that support as well as the back-end servers based in the UK was paramount. The level of service provided is always of the highest quality and on more than once occasion being able to restore files at fast speeds and with such ease has made our lives considerably easier.”

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