Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is currently the main cause of data loss for SME’s. The current average ransomware demand is now over £5000. Can you afford not to backup correctly?

Modern ransomware is evolving and capable of lying in wait for days on end, specifically to infect files when staff are not in the office. The latest releases also now infiltrate and infect backups. BackupVault software has been engineered so that you can always restore your data from a previous point in time.

Key Benefits

Protect Entire Servers
Entire servers including the operating system can be protected, not just files/folders. During a ransomware attack, simply restore the entire server to a previous point in time.
Immune From Infection
BackupVault uses point in time backups of critical data. The system is designed so that it is not possible for ransomware to infect or delete customer backups held on our servers.
Rapid Recovery
Utilise the InstantData feature to instantly access your data, even before a restore has completed. Dramatically lower your recovery time to get your business running again.

How BackupVault can protect your data from Ransomware

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Data backed up and protected with BackupVault

Backups can be performed once or multiple times per day. Files, folders, databases or even entire servers (physical & virtual) can be protected.

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Once backed up, a restore point cannot be infected

Unlike other common backup solutions, the BackupVault service takes a point in time backup. This backup point cannot become infected by ransomware.

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Restore to a previous backup

If a server is infected with ransomware, BackupVault can restore from a previous uninfected version with ease. There is no need to pay any ransom in order to recover your data.

What Our Clients Say

Nathan Plackett
Yokohama HPT Ltd
“Nice to have trust in backup software that is easily installed and has never failed with great, fast and friendly, technical support – an ideal solution. ”
Lucy Found
Evolution Recruitment Ltd
“We can wholeheartedly recommend BackupVault’s service for their straightforward, efficient and cost effective service. Not only have they arranged and administrated a nightly offsite back up to their UK servers, they also helped us organise our data in the first place to streamline the process. We are very confident that our data is being backed up, stored and will be restored as and when required. ”
Christopher Faulker
Opro Group Ltd
“We were looking for a backup solution to meet our company requirements and with BackupVault all our pre-requisites were checked. From the very first day their excellent 24hr UK based technical support helped implement the solution and get us up and running instantly. For us having that support as well as the back-end servers based in the UK was paramount. The level of service provided is always of the highest quality and on more than once occasion being able to restore files at fast speeds and with such ease has made our lives considerably easier.”

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