To work from home or not to work from home…that is the question?

These days it’s never been easier to replicate the office experience from home. We can now adapt our work to suit the way we live, rather than change the way we live to fit our work. Perfect for families in work with children or expecting.

Working from home also allows us to avoid the dreaded rush-hour traffic, or a packed tube; making the drudge of a commute a thing of the past. Phew.

Increasingly so, employers across the globe are announcing that they are happy for employees to work from home now and then; or come into work when is convenient, opposed to a rigid 9-5. But what has changed to prompt this new attitude towards working from home?

Our guess would be the ‘cloud!’ Working from home no longer conjures up images of printing everything out you may need for the following day. Or telling your colleagues which company mobile you are taking, or the dreaded dial-up connections to an office VPN. No sir.

Working from home nowadays is a breeze. We can use remote log-ins to access documents from the office; so we are able to work when and where we choose. Super-fast broadband, conferencing solutions, the cloud service and mobile communications have truly transformed the home-working experience.

That said, some employers are very anti working from home and still prefer the office atmosphere?

I remember hearing about Yahoo emailing a memo ‘banning’ its staff from remote working. Saying, “Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings,”

Yahoo were not alone in this, Google’s chief financial officer Patrick Pichette also said, when the company is asked how many people telecommute, their answer is “as few as possible”.

But is working from home really as easy as it appears? Or have we merely exchanged printing out multiple documents for emailing them to ourselves, and saving files to a floppy disk, for copying them onto USB sticks to take home?

And what about online backup? When we are working outside the office, be it on a sales-sheet, letter, email or strategy, we are saving all the work related files and documents onto our laptops, and therefore it doesn’t get backed up by the main office server. So what happens if we lose that work, make a human error in saving, or our laptops decide to go kaput? Not ideal is it?

There are ways around this concern. At BackupVault our online backup solution would solve this issue by having the software on each laptop, ensuring your files and documents are backed up; as if you were in the office. Why not try our FREE Online Backup Trial.

Where do you stand on the working from home debate? Is working from home a great solution to our increasingly busy lives? Are you productive when working from home? Or have we merely swapped paper process for digital processes that are equally time consuming?