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The Role of Cloud Service Providers in Protecting Against Ransomware

June 3, 2023
Trust the Experts: The Role of Cloud Service Providers in Protecting Against Ransomware

As you’re likely aware, ransomware has become a significant concern for organisations, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Cybercriminals are continually evolving their tactics to exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems and hold valuable data hostage.

With so many sophisticated ways for them to target businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to recognise and safeguard your organisation against the rising threat of ransomware attacks.

The only way to effectively protect your business against ransomware attacks is by enlisting the professional support of a cloud service provider.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that intentionally identifies and targets a victim, encrypting their data and holding it ransom.

Criminals often attack institutions from the education, healthcare, and government sectors, targeting companies of all sizes to access their specific sensitive data.

A ransomware attack can result in a loss of time and critical data, causing extreme financial loss either due to losing resources to counteract the attack and retrieve the data or by paying the criminals their ransom.

With ransomware attacks increasing by 7% already in 2023, it’s never been more important to ensure your business’s critical data is kept secure.

Why do you need a cloud provider to protect your business?

Cloud service providers, like BackupVault, provide businesses with scalable computing services and backup solutions to protect them against data loss.

Without your sensitive data, you don’t have a business. So it’s vital for your company’s long-term survival that you have access to regular backups and secure storage options that public cloud service providers offer.

Protecting your data with the best cloud and services will save you a lot of hassle, time, and money by protecting your business against all kinds of data loss, whether it happened by accident or due to a targeted cyber attack.

How third-party cloud services fight against ransomware attacks

Data backup and recovery solutions provided by cloud service providers have the unique ability to protect your business processes from being targeted by ransomware while also providing robust solutions for when they do occur.

Let’s look at how cloud computing infrastructure and services can ensure a clearer path to success for your business by protecting it from ransomware attacks.

1. Malware detection

Many public cloud providers and service providers use technology that detects ransomware before it’s even able to become a problem.

Using advanced machine learning, malware and ransomware are identified, isolated, and removed from your servers so that it doesn’t have a chance to encrypt and hold your data ransom in the first place.

2. Automatic immutable backups

Performing recurring, automatic backups is the best way to ensure the safety of your critical data against ransomware attacks.

When an immutable “point in time” backup occurs, ransomware can’t corrupt or delete your data as it’s automatically sent to a different location. And with BackupVault, the backup is immutable, so cannot be changed.

3. Minimise downtime

Cloud providers can directly minimise any downtime experienced in the event of a ransomware attack, meaning you spend as little time as possible recovering your data and resources from the attack.

When your data is securely protected with effective backup solutions, you can restore and regain access to your critical data in just a few clicks.

Why you should choose leading cloud service provider BackupVault

The UK cloud computing services market is massive and is estimated to expand even further over the coming year to be worth a staggering £59 billion by 2024.

Some of the industry’s biggest providers, such as Google Cloud Platform, may be wrong for you, as they may not provide you with affordable, scalable solutions for your business.

We’re one of the UK’s leading provider of hybrid cloud backup solutions and data protection services for businesses of all sizes across different industries.

1. Advanced security measures

We use the most advanced cloud backup tools and data protection software providers available to ensure the ultimate security of your sensitive data. Our backup solutions and infrastructure are the most reliable for all-encompassing data protection. And we only pick the solution that best fits the customer requirement.

2. Experts at handling security threats

With almost two decades of experience in data encryption and providing scalable solutions and data protection to businesses worldwide, you can trust us to act as a crucial line of defence for your organisation and protect your critical data against ransomware and other threats.

3. UK based datacentres

We’ve got two world-class datacentres in two separate locations on premises here in the UK. Your data is stored in our servers to ensure an additional layer of insurance while protecting it from the physical effects of ransomware, such as server, computer, and operating system attacks.

4. Friendly, reliable support team

Whatever issue you may experience, ransomware related or otherwise, the BackupVault team is available 24/7. When you work with us, you get direct access to our incredible team of data recovery experts who always go above and beyond to help you.

5. Easy-to-use platform

Our software and platform are straightforward to navigate and extremely user-friendly. Backing up your critical data has never been easier with BackupVault’s solutions, meaning any member of the team can participate in your data protection strategy.

Let’s make sure your business never pays a penny in ransomware

Ready to take your data protection to the next level and protect your business and users against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats with the help of a professional cloud service provider?

BackupVault provides affordable, scalable, and reliable backup solutions to ensure businesses of all sizes can access the kind of data security they deserve, giving them the peace of mind to focus on growth and business continuity.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your options for backup solutions, or start your no-nonsense 30-day free trial of our software today to try it out.