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Google don’t backup your data. We do.

G Suite (aka Google Workspace) is a great productivity tool for business users, but it can’t do everything. While Google do look after cloud infrastructure reliability, they don’t backup your data. That’s YOUR responsibility. And reliable as it is, the ‘cloud’ is based in physical datacentres, meaning they’re not immune to service outages or data loss. To protect your Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Drive data, you need to use a third-party backup solution.

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Why Backup your G Suite data?

Accidental Deletion

Google’s Bin and version history only provide basic protection. Also, if a user account is deleted and not restored in time, it is purged from the Workspace servers and all data is lost.

Retention Policy

Google saves on server space by restricting its retention policy for a limited time and set of scenarios. When deleted data falls outside the retention period, it’s lost permanently.

Malicious Employees

It happens! Rouge employees can delete incriminating data from G Suite servers without your immediate knowledge. If you notice too late, recovery of data is impossible.

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Dangerous malware evolutions like ‘ransomcloud’ can encrypt your data in the cloud and hold it to ransom. Even if you pay, cybercriminals still may not release it. Why risk it?

Legal & Compliance

Storing data for long periods is a legal obligation in many industries. If you cannot provide historical data, e.g. if it’s requested by law, you could face litigation for non-compliance.

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Avoid Dependency

Never store your data with a single cloud vendor, no matter how big they are. Even Google is vulnerable to outages, so always have at least two other sources of secure backup.

How BackupVault G Suite Backup Works

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Protected in minutes

Our solution is cloud-to-cloud, meaning no software needs to be installed. Simply log in securely to the web console with your G Suite credentials and you’re ready to go.

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Automatic & secure

Run backup once or multiple times a day, only backing up new/changed files. Your data is then 256bit AES encrypted and securely transferred to our UK data centre.

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Easy to use & cost effective

Data and emails are easily recovered in just a few clicks. Granular recovery of individual files back into Google Drive is simple too.

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What Our Clients Say

Nathan Plackett
Yokohama HPT Ltd
“Nice to have trust in backup software that is easily installed and has never failed with great, fast and friendly, technical support – an ideal solution. ”
Lucy Found
Evolution Recruitment Ltd
“We can wholeheartedly recommend BackupVault’s service for their straightforward, efficient and cost effective service. Not only have they arranged and administrated a nightly offsite back up to their UK servers, they also helped us organise our data in the first place to streamline the process. We are very confident that our data is being backed up, stored and will be restored as and when required. ”
Christopher Faulker
Opro Group Ltd
“We were looking for a backup solution to meet our company requirements and with BackupVault all our pre-requisites were checked. From the very first day their excellent 24hr UK based technical support helped implement the solution and get us up and running instantly. For us having that support as well as the back-end servers based in the UK was paramount. The level of service provided is always of the highest quality and on more than once occasion being able to restore files at fast speeds and with such ease has made our lives considerably easier.”

Common G Suite Backup Questions

No. It’s an understandable common misconception, but Google is only responsible for maintaining the integrity of their servers and infrastructure. Responsibility for backing up data stored on those servers remains with you.

Yes. The backup process is completely invisible and non-disruptive while running.

This depends on the number of mailboxes and overall storage use, so we recommend contacting us for a quote.

Yes. We offer a 30 day free trial and can set everything up for you remotely.

Yes. Alongside G Suite email backup, all data in Google Drive can be backed up to our secure UK server. You can restore all data backed up or select individual files and folders.

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