The BackupVault Pro backup cycle explained


As standard, incremental backups from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 60 days with 1 month-end roll-up are stored on the Storage Platform. The month-end roll-up contains the last version of each individual file that is selected for backup.... Read More

 How to backup a MS SQL database using BackupVault Pro

BackupVault Pro makes use of the Microsoft Volume ShadowCopy Service (VSS) to back up open files such as a SQL server or Outlook PST file. The VSS plug-in utilises VSS on a much more advanced level by allowing you to protect any VSS-enabled... Read More

 How to backup MySQL using BackupVault Pro for Windows

Introduction To backup a MySQL database in Windows requires the user to dump a copy of the database first using the mysqldump utility. The BackupVault Pro software will then backup this dump file. Setup the Script Create a directory where the dump... Read More

 How to perform a BackupVault Pro snapshot export

The Backup Snapshot feature enables you to create an entire backup of all items in your backup selection and send it to a local disk. This disk is usually a removable USB drive. You can then send this encrypted disk to our UK datacenter for us to... Read More

 How to enable System State backup with BackupVault Pro

Introduction The BackupVault Pro client enables you to easily backup the Microsoft System State. The System State can then be easily restored back to a previous configuration if required. How to enable System State backup Open the BackupVault Pro... Read More