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BackupVault Offers a Lifeline to Symantec Cloud Customers

December 17, 2013

Those businesses that are looking to embrace the cloud have been left rather in the lurch lately by the news that Symantec has decided to discontinue its Backup Exec Cloud solution. Many businesses are now wondering how they can fill the hole in their systems which Symantec’s dissolution of this product will inevitably leave.

However, here at BackupVault we are offering an alternative for all those customers who have been abandoned by Symantec. BackupVault, powered by Attix5 software, offers the perfect solution to all small and medium-sized enterprises. We will be delighted to take on any customer, which finds itself without a backup solution after Symantec’s decision, and will offer your business free setup and import for all of your company’s data.

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In addition to the excellent data backup services that we offer, BackupVault offers exceptional customer service and support. Forget about being held in a queue to speak to someone based in Mumbai with limited English, let alone IT knowledge, at BackupVault we pride ourselves on being based in Britain, with full UK support and datacentres based in the British mainland as well.

BackupVault is the perfect choice for all of your backup needs, as it is our core business. We specifically aim our services at businesses that need help and protection in order to back up their data. Not only do we make the process as simple as possible, but with BackupVault there are no setup costs, no additional hardware requirements, and the BackupVault service grows with your business. Should you require more storage in the future, our service is completely scalable.

In addition, unlike other backup services that offer inadequate security measures, BackupVault ensures that all system data is encrypted using a security key that is known only to you. Your data is stored on our secure servers in an encrypted, unreadable format. We also offer a variety of different data backup packages. Choose from our range of online backup or disk-to-disk backup solutions for peace of mind, while our Software-as-a-Service Model (SaaS) is a cost effective solution that requires no initial capital outlay for your business.

BackupVault has been offering online backup solutions worldwide since 2003, and have assisted thousands of companies worldwide protect their critical data. Thus, if you’ve found yourself up the creek without a paddle after Symantec’s announcement then don’t hesitate to get in touch with BackupVault today.