Attix5 online backup saved my business!

BackupVault looks after the online backup of businesses large and small but it was heartening to hear that our offsite backup had prevented the complete meltdown of one of our clients businesses.

Owners of SME’s are often so busy with the day to day running their business that the issue of backing up their company data is often left to chance. It is only when disaster strikes that they realise just how important it is to have adequate offsite backup that can reinstate their data in a matter of minutes.

Researcher Andy works from home and provides statistical data and business intelligence to a number of small businesses. Historically Andy held research data on two computers and an external hard drive. A sense of unease and a computer virus led Andy to evaluate how safe the data actually was and she realised that the time had come to invest in online backup services. Attix5 had been recommended by a business associate and a service was put in place almost immediately and not a day too soon.

A few weeks after the online backup service had been put in place a major computer failure wiped the data from her laptop just as Andy was about to deliver a large project to an important client. What could have been a major blow to a small business turned out to be a minor glitch as the data was immediately restored to a new machine. The process was carried out remotely and the contract was delivered on time.

What could have been an extremely stressful and expensive data loss was avoided and the reality of what could have been was not lost on Andy or the client both of whom expressed their gratitude to and in particular to the Attix5 system.

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